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Thank you for visiting NY's Number 1 professional bartending school. The Academy of Professional Bartending School is much more than just teaching you how to mix cocktails, handing you a certificate and sending you on your way. Our bartending school is comprised of professional, veteran mixologists who are dedicated to teaching YOU the art and craft of creating the perfect cocktail. We get down to the history, techniques and ethics of true mixology, not just bar tending. And we do it all at an AFFORDABLE cost to you! Here is where you earn your bartending certification. Here is where you will be gaining the confidence and respect of being a professional bartender.

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Our Westchester County Bartending School offer YOU, the finest bartending training classes anywhere! Designed and built from the ground up by bartenders for bartending training. We offer our students a great education that is cost efficient. A facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a comfortable, spacious learning atmosphere. Our bartending classes provide the perfect environment for focused, hands-on learning which helps guarantee your success as a bartender.

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After graduating you will have 6 months worth of quality bartending experience! We will teach you the art and craft of true cocktail preparation. Not some short-cut way of making drinks, then slap a bartending certificate into your hand. You earn your bartending certification from our school as a qualified bartender. Any other bartending school will focus on the wrong short cuts to enhance your speed. Speed can only come with time and experience. When you know where the bottles are, when you know the ingredients inside and out and when you know how to produce a finely crafted cocktail that stands out above the rest, that's when you can say you are truly bartending. Our school focuses on the art of crafting quality drinks and true mixology training.

Not all bartending training institues are created equal. Some of the things to consider when deciding upon the right schools and training would be:

  • Their Reputation, Experience and License
  • The School, Classrooms and Equipment
  • The Staffing and Curriculum
  • The Cost and Schedules
  • Their Job Placement Program

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The Academy of Professional Bartending School is more than just NY's Premier Bartender Training School. We are also New York's leading supplier of bartending services and bar supplies.

If you're planning an event or party and need bartenders, APB can help by providing bartenders for private and corporate events. And, our services for obtaining bartenders is free!

Conveniently located in New Rochelle, NY (in Westchester County), we've been providing quality service throughout New York, Jersey and Connecticut for years.

All of our bartenders are professional, licensed mixologists and all are TIPS certified. This ensures a safe and responsible consumption of alcohol while promoting a good time for all. All members of our staff are fully versed in a complete array of mixed drinks and wines. And all of our bartenders have a vast amount of diversity ranging from corporate events, fine dining restaurants, hotels, catering, VIP Lounges and clubs as well as private in home events.


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Bartending Schools - Westchester

Our Westchester NY bartending school's commitment to quality education and training is unsurpassed! We have set the standards for all bartending programs. Our New York bartending school offers the knowledge, proficiency and skills you need to become a part of this lucrative career of bartending. Any other bartender school may offer certification. But none of them offer the level of quality and attention to detail you will experience with us.

Aside from being NY's Number 1 licensed and professional bartending training schools, we make it AFFORDABLE!

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Westchester County's Premier Bartending School

Welcome to our showcase bartending classroom built for REAL bartending training. No corners cut, no expense spared. At the Academy of Professional Bartending you will NOT find sponge garnishes, plastic cups or plastic ice. Bartending expertise is developed here and the only way to achieve that expertise is with a real barroom atmosphere.

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Classes in New Rochelle NY

At our Westchester bartending schools you learn more than just mixing a drink. Our Westchester Instructors educate you in the finesse of perfecting a cocktail. In-depth training involving history, technique and more!

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